Audio and Visual

The Audiophile, a division of Tasman Satellite Services Ltd, has developed a reputation for being the team to call upon for all design, distribution and sound system needs. We have extensive experience in home and commercial projects ranging from bars and businesses to hotels and motels.

We design and install home audio systems, home theatre surround systems through to multi room audio. We can create the ideal individual interconnected lifestyle. You can access quality audio and video entertainment throughout the entire house. We understand the importance of future proofing the design for expansion and improvements.

We are happy to hook up your TV, DVD, stereo and video.
Tasman Satellite Services Ltd supply and install audio and video systems for commercial use.

We are authorised agents for the sale and installation of panasonic televisions, including the full range of the Panasonic Professional televisions.

Models and sizes can be viewed on The Audiophile


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